STYLE with resonance

Energetic water photographs
on stylish silk scarves


Silk scarf "RESONANZ"

Susane Weiss - Künstlerin, Fotografin & Designerin

Photo artist & designer Susanne Weiss at her photo exhibition "Spiel der Quelle".

Water, photography and design are my passions.
In the mountain springs of the Austrian Alps, I explore the power of water with my camera and have discovered astonishing:

These water images carry the high vibration of the free-flowing and pure mountain water and pass them on to the environment!

The high vibration close to the body – with beautiful water-image silk scarves and matching jewelry.




Silk scarf "Schöpferkraft"
Silk scarf -  "Ursprung"
Silk scarf -  "Bernsteinfluss"
Silk scarf -  "Mutter Erde"
Silk scarf -  "Lichtschleier"
Silk scarf -  "Vibration"
Silk scarf -  "Aurora"
Silk scarf -  "Seelenschmeichler"
Silk scarf -  "Geerdet"
Silk scarf -  "Zusammenkunft"
Silk scarf -  "Resonanz"
Silk scarf -  "Götterfunke"
Silk scarf -  "Himmelszelt"
Silk scarf -  "Universum"
Silk scarf -  "Leichtigkeit"
Silk scarf -  "Lichtwesen"
Silk scarf -  "Blütezeit"
Silk scarf - Lebensquell
Silk scarf -  "Shambala"
Silk scarf - Lichtadern

Seidenschal "UNIVERSUM"

  1. They are unique, extremely beautiful and their colorful motifs dazzle in the most intense colors.
  2. The high quality 100% silk is a natural product, very comfortable to wear and caresses the body. Silk cools in the summer and warms in the winter. It can absorb moisture without feeling wet. And it rejuvenates: The gentle friction of the smooth silk threads makes the skin smooth and supple.
  3. The best thing about silk scarves is their vibration and their effect:
    The water photographs transfer the high energetic vibration of the purest mountain water directly to your body. These vibrations are much higher than known healing waters. And every water picture has its own effect.

  4. The silk scarves are "art to wear":
    The water pictures are part of the photographic art project "Spiel der Quelle"

Silk scarf "AURORA"

After many feedback from sensitive ladies and after exact testing of all water images, various effects have emerged, such as:

All water images are continuously tested by independent specialists for subtle energies - with exceptionally high results of up to 150,000 Bovis units, which goes far beyond the values of known healing sources.

Since April 2020 I have been registered as an artist with my own artist's mark (responsibility mark) and can make and sell precious metals such as sterling silver jewellery.

Hammered & annealed COPPER JEWELRY

with the energy of earth & fire – and the power of deep rootedness in the earth. For a strong basis to successfully implement your own visions.

The complete resonance jewelery with pendants, rings and bracelets you will get only in my store in 4452 Ternberg, Upper Austria!

"Spirit & Art" in Reichraming

5. September 2020 and 7. November 2020

"Isamani", Tanja Scharnreitner, in TDZ Reichraming

from 18.00

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