Water takes information, stores it and passes it on - which we know since the wonderful ice crystals of Masaru Emoto.

Humans consist of more than 60% water (newborns up to 80%, in old people the water content can drop to 50%). This body water resonates with the vibrations of external influences - as well as with your own thoughts and feelings.

The silk scarves from help to bring the high vibration of the purest mountain springs very close to the body and to increase it in its vibration. Highly sensitive people feel the effect immediately and consciously, others perceive it unconsciously about their physical perception.

After many feedback from sensitive ladies and after exact testing of all water images, various effects have emerged, such as:



    Joie de vivre ... Lebensquell, Aurora, Blütezeit

    Freedom ... Himmelszelt, Lichtschleier, Götterfunke, Lichtwesen

    Lightness ... Lichtschleier, Leichtigkeit

    mood-enhancing ...  Aurora, Lichtwesen

    invigorating ...  Universum, Schöpferkraft, Blütezeit

    creativity ... Bernsteinfluss, Schöpferkraft, Zusammenkunft

    link to the origin ... Ursprung, Aurora, Shambala

    grounding ... Seelenschmeichler, Mutter Erde, Geerdet, Bernsteinfluss

    centering ... Shambala, Resonanz

    calming ... Ursprung, Resonanz, Vibration

    deep peace ... Lebensquell, Götterfunke, Aurora

    self-healing powers ... Mutter Erde, Resonanz, Zusammenkunft

The subtle energies of water, food, power plants and organisms are measured in Bovis units (BE). The measurement itself is usually done with a biotensor or pendulum and the Bovismeter.

Bovis values ​​of approx. 6,000 BE are considered neutral in radiodesthesia. Places, buildings, water, food, etc., which according to measurements of radiesthesists contain higher Bovis values ​​than 6,000 BE, donate energy; Those that show less life energy deprive people of energy.

From 10,000 Bovis units, the energetic or ethereal body area is addressed. Even stronger values ​​(like the water paintings from 25,000 BE) have an effect on higher realms of being, have an invigorating effect on emotional bodies and mental bodies, inspire spirituality and contact with the higher consciousness.

In the water photographs of the purest mountain springs in Austria, two comparative photos of three independent energetic scientists were initially measured. All three specialists (Geomant, Energizer, Shaman) came to very similar results and all test results were exceptionally high!

All water photographs at were finally tested individually and carefully by the shaman Chamuela. Up to now, the highest value has been the exceptionally high 150,000 Bovis units!

As I wanted to know how these water photographs actually work, I made the following experiment:

Four tomatoes and four strawberries divided into two areas:

the fruits on the left are on a white sheet of paper; the fruits on the right are on the water picture "Soul flatterer".

I took a picture every day for 70 days.

The different result amazed me pretty much. But look at this short video yourself!    •    Susanne Weiss

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