The story behind the
energetic silk scarves

I am a freelance photographer and media designer, live in Ternberg in the beautiful Enns Valley in Upper Austria and have been following artistic paths for several years:

In addition to photo art, I am increasingly drawn to sensitive art, where intuitive perception and artistic expression flow together. At the beginning I mainly focused on water. In the element chains I combine the power of the four earthly elements (earth, water, air, fire) with the energy of places of power and with the subtle (ether).
In November 2018, the individually painted and beautiful resonance jewelry was born.
And since April 2020 I have also been allowed to produce silver and gold jewelry with the registered artist's mark.
It remains exciting!

Fotografin Susanne Weiss aus Steyr

Susanne Weiss, photo artist / professional photographer / media designer

The story behind the
energetic silk scarves

As a creative person and photo artist, I love to take photographs of the beauty of nature. Since the summer of 2015, I am traveling with the camera in the national parks in Austria to the water of the clear mountain springs for my series "Lebensquell Wasser" ( - very close to the miniature waves and thus very abstract.

The special aura


After hanging some of the powerful large-format images in my designstudio I noticed that the images have a special aura and have energetically improved the space.
I wanted to know more about it and got the independent expertise of three specialists:
All three tested two identical photographs on Bovis units (= BE, measurement of life energy or subtle energy) - and all came to almost the same surprising results: the values ​​were all extremely high and well above the average of healing waters!

For comparison:
Normal, healthy tap water has nearly 6,000 Bovis units (BE), the healing waters of Fatima come to 23,000 BE and the healing waters of Lourdes to 26,000 BE.
In the picture "Seelenschmeichler", however, 85,000 Bovis units were measured, in the image "Shambala" even extraordinary 150,000 BE!

This means two things:
Firstly, in Austria we have wonderfully clear and high-altitude mountain springs in the national parks.
And secondly, this radiation can obviously be transmitted via the image. The image of the highly vibrating water is sufficient as an information transmitter - it already works when viewing the image and energizes the space in which it hangs.

Bring the vibration to the body


I thought, how can you bring the vibration even closer to the body - and carry it all the time, so that the body can absorb the high vibration even more efficiently.
That's when the idea was born to let the water photographs print on high quality silk.

For the silk scarves I use only selected water images with the highest Bovis units and let them print in Germany in high quality on 100% silk "Crepe Satin 12".

Since I still have not completed my photo project "Lebensquell Wasser" ( and will still be photographing many clear mountain springs, new high-swinging water photographs on silk scarves will be constantly added!

I wish you a lot of fun wearing these special silk scarves!

Susanne Weiss

Photo artist & owner of


Art to wear

A beautiful vernissage and exhibition under the title "Spiel der Quelle" took place on 5 March 2017 in a pleasant atmosphere in the gallery4art in Steyr.

Photos: A. Ahrer


Interview with a shaman

Interview with Chamuela, our specialist in testing energetic water photography on Bovis units, from 19 August 2017.

Chamuela, you are a shaman and spiritual counselor.
Can you tell us about your abilities and how you got that?

My name is actually Sabrina Rampino, 11 years ago I received my artist name in the dream. This should be "Chamuela", derived from the angel Chamuel, the angel of love.
I am a trained shaman, of course I had before a quite * normal * job, namely in the elderly care. This did not fill me any longer, especially because you could spend a maximum of 20 minutes with a patient. I could not bear to handle the old people anymore, so I decided to quit and follow my vocation.

Even in my childhood, a shaman introduced me to the world beyond the visible. He taught me the most that I know today. Later I got to know a naturopath and very wise man, where I could expand my knowledge, also in the interpersonal area. My spiritual path took me further into many of the training courses available on my website, "About me."

It's hard to explain a gift, I've always felt different.
Among other things, my areas of specialization are to send energies in order to restore the balance in the chakras of the people. The procedure is similar to that of a naturopath, just without equipment, with pure power of thought and rituals.
As a therapist, I try to rebalance the disturbed harmony of the entire organism with chakra balance and blockage solutions. I try to find the cause of the symptom and use the best possible treatment method. My holistic claim is not only to treat the body, but also always to include the mind and soul of the human being.
Therapy work also includes the Aurareinigung.

With your abilities you can measure the life energy of living beings, places and objects.
What exactly is this life energy?

Life energy is an energy that has been known to us humans for at least 7,000 years. This energy is flowing throughout the universe. It is much more than pure life force. It is consciousness in its energetic form, the gestalt of nature and information of being. Visible to the one, invisible to others, it works and revolves in everything and everyone.
A serious disturbance in these circuits weakens the vital force and leads to illness and death.
The interaction of body, mind and soul enables us to create life energy that helps us master even challenges and difficult times.

The body needs fluid and a well-balanced diet to stay healthy.
The energy of the mind is positive thought, which it translates into action. The food of the soul in turn is based on the most diverse emotions. If the soul suffers, the body is also affected.
The state of health of a person is therefore directly related to his soul. The creation of the life energy is therefore based on a holistic feeling, thinking and acting.

It has not yet been scientifically proven, but quantum physicists already know about the existence of such phenomena. Already Albert Einstein came across this strange effect, but later put it down as a "ghostly remote effect".

How do you measure the energetic vibration and are the results repeatable?

I usually measure with the one-handed rod, the two-handed rod is easily influenced by thoughts.
In addition, I use my gift to put myself in things like a Quantec device based on quantum physics.
The results have never had anything to do with my constitution, it's information from the morphogenetic field that is being measured.

Which vibrations did you measure on the water photographs of and what exactly does that say?

The vibrations of's water photographs are incredibly high, unlike the other photographs I've taken so far! The positive energy radiating from the images could even be measured after I rotated the photographs on the back and the image was not visible at all.
Vibrations affect our lives. The higher they are, the more effectively we can positively influence our lives, as in aromatherapy. This is now used by doctors.

If you take a picture of and print it on a shirt, for example, and wear the shirt, you can increase your own vibration, ie life energy.
This also affects the soul life. It is also possible to achieve positive effects in case of depressive moods.
For this I have to say that we can not make any promises of healing. It does not replace the visit to the doctor or psychologist.


Does the measured vibration relate only to the photographed water, or does the location (as a place of power) and the intensified colors in the picture also play a role?

It is a common procedure, the water, the environment, and, of course, the place, all of which gives the vibration in the picture. But it also depends very much on the person who photographs it! If he does it with love, if there is more energy available, he simply clicks to earn money, so the energy goes down tremendously in the cellar.

What does the measured Bovis value mean for the wearer of a silk scarf?

The wearer is strengthened by wearing in her aura, the energetic field expands. The scarf's high values ​​release blockages in the meridians and strengthen the aura. This can be confirmed on the basis of aura photographs, as after an aura cleaning. This before and after effect can also be found on my homepage:

The sensation is different here: the one perceives a lot, such as heat, tingling and well-being, the other feels little here. But in the end, everyone will feel better after 4 weeks at the latest.

Which energetic layers of the body respond to the high vibration?

The emotional body and the mental body always respond. The entire human body is a field made up of different layers of different vibrating energies.
The energy fields are in resonance with the chakras, especially with one of the 7 main chakras and correspond to certain levels of experience. It should be noted that the fields can not be assigned exclusively to a chakra, but usually have a resonance to the neighboring chakras.

Is there anything else you want to tell us?

With pleasure, my favorite topic right now is food. Because even then, a lot changes when you change your diet.
Suppose you are standing in Lidl and you are overly hungry because you smelled something like fresh bread, for example, but the feeling gets worse, you feel more and more empty. This is not just because you smell the food there. It is the malady of true true energy that misleads you and that you unknowingly resonate with.
These foods are real energy robbers. Why? Because these products are all so empty. Food should not make you hungry or tired and take energy. Food should make you shine and give you real and tangible energy.
You are in the health food store and hungry? The feeling is completely different, it fills you, because this product is full of energy.

I tested the Bovis units on apples from various discounters and compared them to freshly picked apples from the garden. The difference is enormous: The Lidl apple had about 2000 Bovis units, the apple from the tree came to 9500 Bovis units. A huge difference!
There is a saying: "You are what you eat" and that is true. Do you constantly eat things that have little energy, you can not burst with energy, but become energyless.

Why is that so with the low energy of the cheap discounters?
There are people who sometimes do not even receive the minimum wage, who are frustrated and without energy, then sort your apple into the box. This apple gets the full force of the negative energy, you can say he's going to rot.
Incidentally, the same applies to animals that are kept in mass animal husbandry and slaughtered!

I urge everyone to always consciously choose and pay attention to what you eat, what you carry on your body and what you have around you. So that your energies are always full of love and can grow.
Life is too precious!

Thank you for the exciting interview!

(Translated with Google translator)    •    Susanne Weiss

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