In its beautiful and natural shades of green and earth, the silk scarf with water photography "MUTTER ERDE" ("Mother Earth") flatters your body with an energetic vibration of very high 45,000 Bovis units.
The water picture "MUTTER ERDE" is earthy and dynamic - and on a physical level it strengthens the self-healing powers.

Place of power / photographed water:

Steyr fountain in Hinterstoder, Upper Austria

For information on the life energy and the Bovis values, see "The Vibration".

Experiences of customers:
Eva, Neuzeug

The silk scarf "Mother Earth" I find very enveloping, cuddly and soft.

I feel grounded and secure. It is wonderful to wear and a great asset to me - I really enjoy it!
Anyone who once wore this scarf does not want another one anymore !!

Priska, Switzerland

When I wore the silk scarf "Mother Earth" for the first time, I felt an energetic pull down into the earth. My feet began to tingle and it felt like I had "roots". And then more powerful energy rose from the bottom up and I had the feeling of growing and getting everything provided that I needed to grow ... I felt like a big flower, or more like a flower tree, because I feel as strong rooted as a tree, but at the same time light and joyful, how a flower must feel when she is doing great.
For me, the longer term wearing effect is the feeling of security, serenity, peace (certainty of being in the right place / home right now) and a very special gentle / quiet zest for life. I have not yet known this feeling ... It is literally a very "magical" feeling: o)

I realize that the scarf is doing me very well right now! This scarf helps me to "ground" me! And that's great!

Silk Scarf "Mutter Erde" ("Mother Earth")

Silk Scarf "Mutter Erde" ("Mother Earth")

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