Impulse generator & jewelery

Resonance jewelry serves as a catalyst for the release of your own creative power wherever you need it in your life.

In November 2018, the resonance pendants were born, now there are stainless steel pendants in different sizes and matching, adjustable stainless steel rings and jewelry for leather bracelets. Everything unique and designed with much love and liberated creativity.

With the vibration of liberated creativity


It started with an intense exploration of the vibration of Sacred Geometry, which forms the basis for the matrix or 3D, as well as the fractal structure of the universe or multiverses.
My feeling that something is wrong with the fractal in our world became stronger and stronger.

I went through an intense energetic process to free myself, my free will, my creativity and creativity.

Finally, this path culminated in a powerful, creative outburst where I could create this beautiful jewelery in a sense of boundless freedom.

This energy of liberated creative power flowed into the design of each painted unique.

As reinforcement, the words "befreite Schöpferkraft" ("liberated creativeness") were placed behind the painted inlays.

The wearers feel this vibration - as several sensitive ladies reported me!

Feel the effect of liberated creativity in your life!


Photographer - designer - artist

I am a freelance photographer and media designer, live in Ternberg in the beautiful Enns valley and go artistic ways for several years.
In addition to photographic art, I am increasingly drawn to sensitive art, where intuitive perception and artistic expression flow together.
    •    Susanne Weiss

Roseggerstr. 24, 4452 Ternberg, AUSTRIA

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