The silk scarf with water photography "GÖTTERFUNKE" ("Gods spark") sparkles at the end of its beam with rainbow colors from turquoise to violet and emits an energetic vibration of very high 81,000 Bovis units.
In the water picture "GÖTTERFUNKE" you really feel the space and freedom - a feeling of deep peace spreads.

Place of power / photographed water:

Unterhimmel ("Lower sky") at Steyr-Christkindl

For information on the life energy and the Bovis values, see "The Vibration".

Silk Scarf "Götterfunke" ("Gods spark")

Silk Scarf "Götterfunke" ("Gods spark")

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Experiences of customers
Priska Fässler,

I was touched by the "spark of the gods" and am quite surprised, because I thought that the Götterfunke was somewhere above me.
Well ... that spark has let me down from where I just stood, into the deepest depths of being, and then made me jump up into the highest heights of being and then put everything / the extremes to the point, in the heart come together, balanced and centered ... and from there it twinkles and now sparks in all directions: o)
It feels refreshing, lively and relaxing, calming at the same time. It's impossible to put it in words ... It's definitely a great centralizer ... hmm ... very exciting!
I think that's sooooo great how it works ... I'm totally in love with the water and life and its work and totally grateful !!    •    Susanne Weiss

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