With its lively joie de vivre and soft blue tones, the silk scarf radiates with water photography "ZUSAMMENKUNFT" ("Gathering") an energetic vibration of very high 80,000 Bovis units.

The water picture "ZUMAMMENKUNFT" has a cooling effect and strengthens the self-healing powers and the creativity - woman simply feels elated!

Place of power / photographed water:
Steyr fountain in Hinterstoder, Upper Austria

For information on the life energy and the Bovis values, see "The Vibration".

Gerlinde Lirscher, Behamberg

The water photographs by Susanne attract me magically, especially the silk scarf "Zusammentreffen". I love this scarf and wear it very often, he is a "classic evergreen"!
He also helps a lot with ache, because it brings back the energy to life. Especially if I have a sore throat or a headache, I wrap the scarf around my neck and I can always observe that the pain subsides very quickly. My little daughter, when she is ill, covers herself with the whole scarf and says the scarf is so comfortable for her and helps her.

Silk Scarf "Zusammenkunft" ("Gathering")

Silk Scarf "Zusammenkunft" ("Gathering")

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